The Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Stories

Eduardo Cecilo | October 29, 2020 | buyer's journey, online marketing,

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More commonly known as the web address. The URL specifies the exact location of a resource on the internet. A well-crafted URL can be beneficial to both humans and search engines. Including appropriate keywords allows the search engine to provide your audience with the best articles that relate to the given topic. provides a great breakdown of how to better structure your URLs here!

Link Anchor Text

This is the visible, clickable text shown for a hyperlink. It is not often represented by blue text or underlined text in a browser. You can provide anchor text for keywords that you have previously created other content to improve your own SEO and to draw attention to important keywords included in your article.Modthink Link Anchor Text People

Social Media Applications 

We all know how important social media has become in recent years. Oftentimes businesses neglect keyword usage in social media platforms. This can be a costly mistake as it lessens the opportunity to drive organic traffic to your various social media platforms. You can include these keywords in captions, account bios, and about sections.Modthink-UA-CaseStudy

Curious how to add keywords to your images and captions? The Modthinkers touched on alt text and social media captions in recent Modthink Minutes! While this may seem like an obvious path forward, oftentimes keywords are not used to their full potential. 

Time to Do Keyword Research 

These three steps for planning your keyword research are not difficult. The time you set aside to follow these steps and develop your keywords is time well spent. It will have a positive return on investment. This is not some crazy new formula that will completely reshape your business. However, if you follow these steps you will drastically improve how you relate to your audience, find truly impactful keywords, and utilize keywords to their maximum potential. 


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