What Inbound Sales and Diamond Hunting Have in Common

Let's talk about diamonds.

The state of Arkansas is known for them, being the only state in the U.S. where they can be found. In Murfreesboro, Crater of Diamonds State Park offers tourists the unique opportunity of scanning a large mine for naturally buried treasure. Folks come from all over to try it, and sometimes, they get rich. The whole event is one of Arkansas' proudest qualities, we even put it front and center on our state quarter.How does this relate to inbound sales? It's all about finding treasure at the bottom of the funnel, and inbound helps you do that.

The Entire State of Arkansas = The Top of the Funnel

A definition of "top of the funnel", via Hubspot:

Sometimes called “TOFU”, top of the funnel refers to the very first stage of the buying process. Leads at this stage are just identifying a problem that they have and are looking for more information. As such, an inbound marketer will want to create helpful content that aids leads in identifying this problem and providing next steps toward a solution.

Just because Arkansas is the diamond state does not mean you can just dig anywhere. Even then, not every shovel of dirt will have diamonds in it. But if you know where to dig, you have a better opportunity of finding a diamond.

Similarly, inbound marketing helps you find the best place to dig. Developing useful content will draw in the right leads, and help you narrow down your "digging area" for more efficient "diamond hunting". 

Crater of Diamonds State Park = Middle of the Funnel

A definition of "middle of the funnel", via Hubspot:

This refers to the stage that a lead enters after identifying a problem. Now they’re looking to conduct further research to find a solution to the problem. Typical middle of the funnel offers include case studies or product brochures -- essentially anything that brings your business into the equation as a solution to the problem the lead is looking to solve.

Now that you've narrowed down your "digging area", inbound helps you further tailor your content to these warmer leads. You begin to answer more of the questions the lead is asking to solve their problem, and the lead gets warmer and warmer.

The Diamond = Bottom of the Funnel

A definition of "bottom of the funnel", via Hubspot:

The bottom of the funnel refers to a stage of the buying process leads reach when they’re just about to close as new customers. They’ve identified a problem, have shopped around for possible solutions, and are very close to buying.

The inbound methodology has now led you to the "diamonds": the customers who actually need your product and are much more likely to buy. You've developed custom content that brought leads from the top to the bottom of the funnel, and they trust you as the industry leader. Now, time spent on sales calls and demos are used much more wisely because the potential customer is much more likely to make a purchase.

Learn how to find more diamonds with sales-aligned inbound marketing via our downloadable below.

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