The What, Why, and How of Business Blogging

Many of the businesses we talk to are in industries that are not historically marketing savvy. They know they need to get the ball rolling on some "digital and social stuff," but aren't sure how. They're paying for Yellow Pages listings and wondering why nobody is calling. A huge part of developing that online presence is starting your business's blog. 


When we start talking about blogging to "pull" prospects to their website, the juices start flowing. If you're reading this post, there's a good chance you're looking for a solution too.   

Here is a little Business Blogging 101 to get you started:

1. What is blogging?

Blogging is short form content written on subject matter to show expertise in your industry. You're providing valuable resources to educate your leads who are searching for solutions to challenges they're facing. By establishing your company as the industry expert, you're building trust and giving yourself the opportunity to convert them to customers before your competition. Your blog is also the portion of your website that is regularly updated, giving search engine algorithms more reason to include your website in search results. 


 The What, Why, and How of Business Blogging

Think of it as an online magazine filled with common industry problems shared exclusively with your prospects, making you the "go-to" expert. 



2. Why do I need to blog?

You want more customersThe What, Why, and How of Business Blogging, don’t you? Blogging provides another way to connect with potential customers. As people are constantly searching online for solutions to their problems, your blog is where they'll find them. You want to be the “go to” resource for solving their problems, thereby establishing your company as the authority in your industry. You want to attract them to your website so you can gain their trust and establish your ability to provide them solutions. In addition, if you want to target millennialsyou must have an online presence. 

3. How do I get started?

The What, Why, and How of Business Blogging-> Find your voice. People don't want to read a textbook, they want to listen to a real human being. Revealing your voice builds a relationship with your lead. 
-> Answer common questions. Rather than selling your company, give your prospect useful information and they'll choose the expert on the issue: you. 
-> Blog regularly. The more you post, the more people read.
-> Use social media to promote your blog, and promote it on every channel.
-> Use keywords to optimize your blog for search engines. 
-> Make it valuable, attractive, and engaging so that people share it with others. 

One last thing to remember: blogs impact your SEO (search engine optimization), your website analytics, and your CRM. Combined with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’re now armed with as much data as Walmart and IBM.  All that data allows you to micro-target your audience, measure your results, and fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Stop wasting time and start your business blog today.