Simple Marketing Tips: Cover Photos on Facebook


Let's talk Facebook anatomy. For business pages, we recommend that the profile picture should always be company logo. This creates consistency and establishes a clear logo across all channels. Your cover photo is the place to have some fun. Cover photos are supposed to add a personality to your social media pages.

simple marketing tips cover photos on facebook modthinkAs mentioned in the video above, cover photos should be changed every few weeks. This is your chance to show off the personality of your office, give information, and show off your products. Showcase what you're involved in around the community and feature some team members. This humanizes your company and allows prospects to see the humans behind the machine.simple marketing tips cover photos on facebook modthink

Your cover photo makes the initial impression on your Facebook page. It is the biggest picture on the screen, so make sure it's making a great first impression. If you're wanting to convey a message, make it evident. If you're wanting to showcase a fun event you were involved in, put it up there. High resolution is necessary! Pictures are worth a thousand words...right? Put your best foot forward.

Tell a story with your cover photo. It's great to include some extra information in the caption so people know exactly what's going on in the photo. If you're promoting an event, give details in the caption. If it is a picture of some employees, include their names. Giving your customers a little more information is always good, because it helps them connect with you on a deeper level.

Something as simple as a cover photo can instantly improve the appearance of your Facebook page and make your business look professional. Take these few tips and boost your channel today.

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