Modthinkers' Favorite Holiday Traditions

It's that time of year. A time for reflection, a time to set goals for the future, and a time for egg nog by the fire- or not. Everybody does it differently.

Our marketing experts share their favorite holiday traditions:

Chloe, Junior Account Executive: Every year at Christmas we make batches of pannettone bread to have at breakfast. It's a sweet Italian bread with candied fruits and raisins that my Nona (grandma in Italian) always made and now my mom does. We eat it everyday and it is delicious, except this year because of my wisdom teeth dilemma :/. It's also a tradition for me and my folks to take a trip between New Years and Christmas. We choose somewhere we have never been (or they haven't been to in a long time) and take a few days to explore the city, this year we will be in Boston!

Danny, Creative DirectorOne of the Henkel family holiday traditions is to have canned smoked oysters and mimosas (and, of course, coffee) for breakfast on Christmas morning. Legend has it that grandpa Bud started this tradition many years ago as an alternative to fruitcake, however the true origin may never be known.

Allie, Director of Client Services: My fave holiday tradition is going on vacation with my family! We get to spend a lot of quality time together and by doing this, it's not all about the presents. We love getting to hang out and make new memories!

Brent, CEO/Chief Thought Officer: At the Robinson's, we're a blended family - I'm Jewish and Amy is Methodist - so our kids get a double dose of holiday cheer. Christmas eve, everyone gets new jammies (gotta look good for Christmas morning), we bake cookies for Santa, and and we make a salad for the Reindeer. The kids write a message to Santa and another for Rudolph - they both write back! For Hanukkah, each night the kids lead the blessings and light the candles. On the first night, we cook traditional Hanukkah dinner with brisket and ribs (yea!), potato latkes dipped in applesauce, and follow up with jelly doughnuts.  This year, the first night of Hanukkah is also Christmas Eve so we will be busy.  Ho Ho Hanukkah! 
Libby, Junior Account ExecutiveMe and my family watch It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve every year. My brother and I always go back and forth doing our best Jimmy Stewart impressions....MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU OLD BUILDING AND LOAN!!
Davis, Junior Account Executive: "Every Christmas Eve my mom lets my brother and I open one present. Except we don't get to pick which present, and it's always pajamas. I have an entire box of Christmas PJ's collected. Not sure if I'll keep this tradition going with my own kids one day."
Happy Holidays from the Modthink family to yours!
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