Millennials Are The Kings And Queens Of Social Influencing

At my old job, a co-worker was learning how to post to his Instagram profile. He'd check his feed every night and see one of my pictures. The next day he'd call me into his office saying, "How in the world do you get so many likes? Kids these days get 400 likes for posting a picture of their big toe."

I'm not sure if that's an exaggeration, but my co-worker did make a good point. Millennials have built a network online that exceeds far beyond anything previous generations had. 

millennials are the kings and queens of social influencingCheck out the stats on millennial marketers from

  • 68% of global marketers see Influencer Marketing as a lead generation and customer acquisition tactic.
  • Five out of six millennials in the US connect with companies on social media networks.
  • Offers shared by trusted advocates convert at 4-10x higher rate than offers sent by brands.
  • Millennials in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

Millennials are the kings and queens of the social media world. They're always on their phones. They're connected with all of their friends. They shop online. And they can help your business. Here's how: 


millennials are the kings and queens of social influencingMillennials know social media. 

Most parents were already parents when social media was born. Millennials don't know life without it. They know how to hashtag, how to edit a picture, how to retweet, and cut a video. This stuff comes easy to them, and they use it to their advantage.


Millennials go viral. millennials are the kings and queens of social influencing

They use their creativity to capture the attention of the world, and if your product or service is involved, it's a good thing for you. 

Casey Neistat is a millennial film maker from New York City, and was hired by J.Crew as a social influencer. He made this video to promote their Traveler suit, and has since had 1.5 million hits. J.Crew didn't even put the full video on their own page, but they're definitely reaping the benefits. 


Millennials have style. 

millennials are the kings and queens of social influencingJulia Engel is a style blogger from San Francisco. She's used social media to promote her blog online, which has thousands of followers. Brands use Julia to market their products because she's developed a huge following of young people who love her. She's got style, she's cool, and she has a super interesting life where she travels cool places and gets her picture taken in pretty clothes. And her Instagram following of 835k continues to grow. When you use millennials to market your brands, you influence your market 



Millennials listen to each other.millennials are the kings and queens of social influencing 

A recent study featured in the Huffington Post said, "This new generation of workers wants to use technology to connect with the world and their peers in ways that allow them to have deeper and more globalized connections."

Millennials pay attention to other millennials' experiences, and try to create their own. And when they have an experience, they let the world know


Millennials have lots of friends. 

89% of millennials use Facebook. 73% use it once a week or more. Millennials are constantly interacting with each other on a large scale, watching what they do and the decisions they make.  

Millennials do the work. They influence everyone. Your company is along for the ride. 

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