Introducing: the Sales-Powered Marketing for Small Business Workshop

At Modthink we've identified two types of people interested in digital marketing services:

  1. A small business owner or executive who is trained in areas other in digital marketing but knows they need to improve their marketing practices in order to grow their business.
  2. A small business owner who is ready to hire a digital marketing agency, but lacks the knowledge and terminology of marketing practices to communicate with and get the most out of an agency.

These two types aren't ready to hire an agency yet, but are looking to further their knowledge of digital marketing practices. So, we're going to help.

Modthink's latest offering: the sales powered marketing for small business workshop.

Our workshop is designed for small business that:

  • Gross $3m or less annually
  • Typically have 1 to 12 employees
  • Sell services, products or both
  • Sell online or bricks-and-mortar
  • Sell to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B).


We’ve organized this eight-class online workshop so you will learn how to build, implement, and measure an effective marketing strategy tailored to your business and using tools that will scale as you grow.

Our 8 classes include:

  1. Defining your Niche, creating your target Personas, and designing your marketing Strategy
  2. Preparing your CRM for contacts and automation
  3. Website design and “Explanatory” content
  4. Creating your Social Media channels
  5. Building “Attraction” content
  6. Building “Conversion” content
  7. Syndicating your marketing so people will find you
  8. Measuring Results and fine tuning your strategy

We’ve structured each class to maximize your two hours of learning:

  • Presentation and discussion of the subject matter
  • Real world application using student examples
  • “Ask-me-anything” session with our CEO, Brent Robinson

After each class you will have access to a Zoom recording of the session, a list of all the resources we reference in the class, and any presentations used in the session.

Additionally, we’ve setup a Slack channel for all workshop participants to join and discuss your most pressing marketing and sales challenges with your colleagues.

  • If you’re tech savvy, you’ll be able to implement many of these lessons yourself.
  • If technology isn’t your thing, you will come away with an understanding of the concepts and technologies to confidently direct your marketing vendors and consultants.  

Workshop is $1,600 per company
(up to three participants per company).

Fill out this form to schedule an interview with our team. Together we’ll determine if this workshop is right for you and which cohort will be best suited for your marketing goals!