Instagram and Snapchat: A MUST For Your Marketing Strategy

As we all know, marketing and advertising are evolving. Out with the old-fashioned, traditional methods, and in with the new, modern, and for some - unfamiliar methods.

It seems like new social media channels and marketing strategies are popping up right and left, and, I’ll admit, it’s hard to keep track of! What do they all do? What are their advantages? Are they REALLY effective? One thing we know for sure: It works. These unconventional marketing approaches are satisfying and attracting consumers in new ways that are beneficial for both sides: The marketer AND the consumer. It’s a win-win! 

This is where millennials have a leg-up. We know social media, and business are starting to get it too. Your business is probably on Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe even Twitter (if not, you should be!) Instagram and Snapchat should be on your radar, too! As a millennial myself, I’ll outline WHY and HOW you should use sites like these to promote your brand.instagram and snapchat a must for your marketing strategy modthink

What differentiates these channels from others, like Twitter and Facebook?

These channels are great and should not be disregarded, but Instagram and Snapchat have something that the others do not: A strong, central visual appeal. Although Twitter and Facebook have the ability to share photos, Instagram and Snapchat both do a great job in eliminating distractions and keeping the interface very clean and simple. Consumers like simplicity and convenience.

Why does digital marketing work so well?instagram and snapchat a must for your marketing strategy modthink

Because it meets consumers halfway: Instead of the MARKETERS seeking CONSUMERS, the CONSUMERS seek out MARKETERS. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat allow consumers to be exposed to advertisements on their OWN time – scrolling through their feeds, on their favorite blogs, etc.

Instagram and Snapchat do an especially good job with this for a number of reasons. First of all, they are both sites that were created with the intention of the user checking it frequently. If you go days without visiting them, photos will become buried on your Instagram feed, and Snapchat stories, by their nature, will disappear forever.

Communicating a message or advertisement as a visual picture or video is both a) faster than requiring the user to read through a lengthy post, and b) is, frankly, more appealing! Consumers appreciate a well-designed, aesthetic subject, and this generally isn’t achieved by a wall of text. Use these channels to complement your detailed and informative posts on other sites.

If you want to stay cutting edge in your business and impact your target market effectively, utilize these tools and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Psssst....become a Snapchat expert with this step-by-step tutorial!

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