How To Get The Most Of Your Marketing Internship

The internship program at Modthink taught me a number of things. Steve, Beka, Allie and Brent took a chance on me last summer and I just kept coming back. I genuinely loved working with these people, I was really getting something out of this experience, I looked forward to coming into the office everyday, and I was applying what I had learned in school to the real world (and I enjoyed it!)

How To Get The Most Of Your Marketing Internship modthink

As my time at Modthink comes to a close, I am reflecting on why I like it here so much. It is clear that my marketing internship experience is different than my friends, but as I have analyzed the factors at play, I have grown to appreciate this inbound marketing machine on a whole new level. Below you will find my top four takeaways from my time at Modthink.

1. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I was never called an intern. I was called a Junior Account Executive and I have the business cards to prove it. Modthink trusted me enough to build a presentation, put me in front of a client, or write a blog myself. Should something go wrong, I would be directly responsible. As I conversed with my friends over that first summer, many were simply departmental interns with minimal responsibility, surfing the web until the clock struck 5pm.

2. Be Proactive & Take Initiative

With an internship program referring to you as a Junior Account Executive right off the bat, expect to hold your own. I quickly learned to take extensive notes at meetings, sharing action items with attendees, to plan campaigns in advance and to consistently nurture a relationship with the client. Sitting around and waiting for a to do list was never going to cut it. I got the most out of my experience at Modthink by asking questions, being invested on accounts that I was not directly involved with, and asking what more could be done.

How To Get The Most Of Your Marketing Internship modthink3. Learn By Doing

Lectures and orientations are for school. At Modthink, we jumped right into the software and got started. I was educated on Inbound Marketing and various social media platforms by directly working with them. Becoming certified on Facebook, Hootsuite, Google AdWords and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified was the icing on the cake. It was clear that Modthink was not only investing in me as an employee, but also investing in my future career. This long-term investment did not go unnoticed.


4. Appreciate Company Culture

My work experience before entering the Modthink Internship program included retail and the executive board of my sorority. I had never worked in an office setting with multiple people at one time. I was aware that company culture was a buzzword, and through the interview process could tell that I liked the people I was speaking with. But after I got started, it was so apparent this team had been tactfully put together.

Each person clearly fit, enjoyed one another and welcomed each other's quirks, talents, and faults equally. This was not a harsh, to-the-point business environment. With equal amounts of professional and laid back, it became increasingly obvious that clients connected with this culture just How To Get The Most Of Your Marketing Internship modthinkas much as the employees did. Producing quality work without taking yourself too seriously is harder to find than you think. I am so thankful that I was able to work under an extremely talented group of people as I took my first steps into the professional world.

I have Modthink to thank for that and so much more than these few learned lessons. As I begrudgingly come to terms with the fact that college is coming to a close, I know that my education is far from over. Modthink has given me a head start I will be forever grateful for. As I enter the next phase and adjust to my new workplace setting, I can thank Modthink for each and every tip, trick, and habit I have picked up along the way.

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