How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

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While LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with colleagues and friends, it can also be an effective tool to generate leads and make new clients. To do this, it's important to demonstrate leadership in your industry and expertise on your product or service. Rather than trying to sell yourself or your product/service, you should answer questions that potential clients may have. Here are five ways to generate leads using LinkedIn:

1. Blog. The LinkedIn blogging tool allows you to:92%.png

    • Increase your visibility,
    • Demonstrate thought leadership in your industry,
    • Engage with your network, and
    • Expand your network when your posts are shared or liked.

2. Advertising. Paid ads on LinkedIn allow you to target specific audiences, unlock new groups, and create effective ads within the website. NetBrain, an enterprise software company, used LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content to establish relationships with pre-qualified accounts. According to LinkedIn, the sponsored ads led to $4.1 million in revenue for the software company. 

3. Engage with users: Comment on posts that are relevant to your industry. Answer questions that people are asking on posts. Like other industry leaders' blogs. It's easy to start a conversation on LinkedIn, you just have to engage. 87%.png

4. Syndicate social posts. LinkedIn can be a tool for syndicating blog posts from your website, just like Facebook or Twitter. When you're developing your social schedule,
don't forget to include LinkedIn. 

5. Don't spam people. You should only message warmer leads or users you have mutual connections with. Look closely at your network on LinkedIn and develop relationships with people that can trust you because you know their connections. As your network grows, new opportunities will come to reach out to new connections. 

With these tips, you can get to selling on LinkedIn. Write some blogs, use your network, engage with connections, and be a helpful user! For more information, check out our downloadable below: 

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