How Inbound Marketing Will Supercharge Your Business

When you switch your marketing from outbound (aka traditional, broadcast, mass appeal) to inbound (digital, data-driving, personal), you pull your prospects through their buyer’s journey and to your website. Our process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Attracting Visitors.

Your buyers are constantly searching the Internet for companies like yours. Inbound makes it worth their while with content specifically tailored for them. Here are 4 ways to optimize your content to attract visitors:

how inbound marketing will supercharge your business modthink


A blog:

The first step to attracting visitors is a useful blog. Buyers search the Internet for solutions to their problems, and a blog is where they'll find them.


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A downloadable eBook or PDF gives them something to learn from and use. Something helpful for your visitors will benefit you, because your name and website are all over it. 



how inbound marketing will supercharge your business modthinkSearch Engine Optimization: 

Inbound marketing involves optimizing the keywords on your website so that when a buyer is searching for a company, yours is one of the first to pop up. 


how inbound marketing will supercharge your business modthink


Social Media Continuity: 

Grow your social media base by scheduling posts across different networks at prime times to engage your followers with optimized, useful content. 


2. Converting leads.

The visitor was attracted to your website by your super interesting and relevant blog. Inbound marketing converts visitors into leads...good leads.


Join The Team - ModthinkCalls-to-action

When a visitor finds one of your blog posts valuable, they'll be interested in learning more. A call-to-action, landing page, or form subscribes them to your content, and then gives you their information to store in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


Customer Relationship Management Software:

Now that their information is stored in your CRM, you can track what the contact does on your website- what they're clicking on, what they're downloading, and what they're interested in. Your sales team can use this information when they reach out to the contact. It's not cold calling when you have a good idea of what the customer’s needs are.


how inbound marketing will supercharge your business modthink3. Delighting customers.

With inbound marketing, you’re continuing to supply your customers with useful content with new blog posts and content. You’re creating advocates out of your customers: people who will tell other people about your company!


Outbound marketing is old, boring, and ineffective. Inbound equals a supercharged marketing plan and brings more visitors, gets more leads, and makes happier customers. Schedule a consultation below.


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