Can My Business Close Customers Using Inbound Marketing?

You want new customers but you’re not sure how to do it in the digital world. You’ve heard about inbound business marketing (some people call it “pull” marketing). Seth Godin, digital marketing guru, identified this trend back in 1999. The digital world is changing and your company needs to change with it.

You’re not sure, but you know the things you used to do aren't working anymore. You’re wondering if inbound marketing is the right path for your company.

This is the basic test we use when we start a conversation with a new business owner or marketing professional to see if inbound marketing is right for them.

Do you have a high value offering or a high lifetime value customer?

Can My Business Close Customers Using Inbound Marketing?Plain and simple, does your product or service have a high cost? High value offerings are great for inbound marketing, because your customers want to know they're making the right decision before they spend a lot of money.

Do your customers keep coming back for more? If you have customers that are with you for the long haul, inbound marketing is a great way to continue to delight your existing customers.

Do people research your product or service before they buy?Can My Business Close Customers Using Inbound Marketing?

Think about your new clients over the past two years. Did they do their research? Did they come with details about your competitors' offerings? Are they comparison shopping? Do they already know a lot about your product or service?

Inbound marketing is a great way to reach potential clients who are doing their research. You want to be the one providing them with information, not your competitors. Make sure when they're doing their research, they're finding your company. If they're savvy, they'll be doing their research.

Does your sales process require an education phase before you sign new customers?

You know your sales cycle. Do you spend time building a relationship with prospects? Do you educate leads about the benefits of working with your company?

Inbound marketing is a great way to start educating prospects before you have an actual conversation. It also builds trust among your leads and encourages them that your company is the best option.

If you answered yes to these three questions, you’re likely a good candidate.

Converting to this new way of attracting customers is a big, big change. This is a long term view and must be considered as an investment in your growth. Don't take this decision lightly!

When talking to prospects, we want to make certain we should be moving forward. We always ask, "is your company, your team, your leadership ready to commit the time and resources to make your investment successful?"

Can My Business Close Customers Using Inbound Marketing?.pngIf you’re still reading, you’re researching your pain points. You’ve identified what your challenge is. You’re now giving it a name. We’d say you are in the first phase of The Buyer’s Journey

Soon, you will be calling a few agencies to learn more. We hope to see you in the next part of your buyer’s journey -  the “Consideration Phase.”

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