Blogging Gets Your Buyer Thinking About YOU

I’m a facilities manager and I have a problem. One of our tenants has an employee who was diagnosed with Legionnaires’ Disease. We let everyone know in our weekly newsletter and 4 other tenants reported employees with similar symptoms. I think our building is sick and I don’t know what to do.

Where is the first place this manager is going to go to figure this out?

That’s right, Google.

This person is a buyer. In the buyer’s journey - 1. Awareness, 2. Consideration, 3. Decision - this buyer is in awareness - trying to identify.

He quickly learns about the legionella bacterium, it’s history, how it grows in the hot water tanks and air conditioning ducts of large buildings, and former smokers over the age of 50 are the most at risk of catching it.

Now our buyer knows his challenge so his search becomes consideration of solutions. The manager’s next search is more specific.

At the top of the list is a blog article from a professional HVAC vendor about buildings making occupants sick and how to remove mold, mildew, and bacteria from ductwork. First page of his search also includes a trade association an OSHA article and blog articles from two other Mold/Bacteria Mediation companies.

Several things are happening here.

  1. First, the buyer has learned more about their problem. They’ve found various educational resources from industry authorities inlcude the CDC, EPA, Mayo Clinic, and several contractors.
  2. Two, those contractors’ industry leadership is validated by associtiaon with these other industry thought leaders.
  3. Our buyer is using the information from all of these resources they trust and formulating a solutions.
  4. Soon this buyer will build their of solution providers.

Do you think the contractors that have provided our buyer with trustworthy education will make the shortlist?

They will. They will because they are converting their industry knowhow into informational articles and posting them regularly on their business blog.

What to make that shortlist? Start blogging today. 

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