Are Your Buyers Finding You When They Search?

According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of buyers use search engines to find information. 

And we know that 89% of buyers are online researching what you (and your competitors) are offering right now. 

We search before we buy. Ever been in Best Buy standing in front of that LG 65” 4K Ultra HD TV, listening to the sales dude, and glazing over the product?

They give you some space and what do you do?

You pull out your phone and search. You Google the TV name, look at the LG website specs, find reviews. You might even post something on Facebook to see if anyone in your “trusted” network has an opinion.

Then you make your decision.

If LG is smart, then their internal marketing team has created spec sheets, product images, comparison infographics - and made sure these assets are in an easily sharable format.

Why? So all those tech review sites have easy access to the details they need to make their assessments. LG is doing their part to impact search engines AND enabling others to give them SEO (search engine optimization) juice too.

These are just a few elements of an effective inbound marketing investment. A full strategy includes ideal customer personas, targeted content offers, keyword/search optimization, CTA’s and landing pages and more.

Have a well thought through content plan as a part of your inbound strategy and get those buyers to find you!

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