An Experience Unlike Any Other

Every internship I've ever applied for has some sort of quirky line in the description that goes something like this: "Our interns aren't getting coffee for their bosses every morning." For the most part, they're probably right- you aren't walking into work with 10 coffees like a scene from Devil Wears Prada, but you're probably doing some grunge work here and there.


Modthink means it: being an intern does not mean getting coffee, it doesn't mean sweeping the floors, it doesn't mean making copies for three hours every morning. Interns are an integral part of the team: running the meetings, developing marketing strategy, and creating actual marketing content. It gives you real, hands-on, invaluable experience that most internships (and most classes, tbh) can't offer.

For example: they don't even call interns here "Interns," we're "Junior Account Executives," who get real-life experience as a part of the team. 

From day 1 at Modthink, I've seen how I'll be able to apply what I've learned from this internship to the rest of my life. On my first day I sat in on a client meeting discussing a marketing plan to help their company grow. Several minutes into the meeting my boss turns to me and says, "Davis, what do you think?"

A simple line with a big impact. Modthink has empowered me and my fellow interns. We've learned that young people really can make a difference in the workplace and we've been granted the opportunity to prove that millennials aren't lazy bums that sit on their phones and check Instagram all day.

Now I'm graduating college and headed out of town to a new, shiny big city. But I've got one lesson under my belt: never will I have to sit back and watch the big dogs run the show. At Modthink, interns are the show.

To learn how to join the team as a summer intern for 2017, click here!