5 Ways MedTech Companies Can Use Social Media to Gain More Customers

According to Pew Research, 72% of internet users admitted to searching online for healthcare information in the past year. It’s not just patients either - 61% of physicians say they also use social media at least once a week to look up health information and just under half say that they contribute to the conversation.

This goes to show that social media for businesses is not limited to big brands or local boutiques: it can help those in the healthcare and medtech sectors move mountains. Here are five tips to growing your MedTech customer base through social media:

Educate Your Audience

Like we mentioned earlier, 61% of physicians say they use social media to look up health information and often contribute to the conversation. As a MedTech company, you can be joining in on these conversations to educate users/doctors/hospital administrators on how to solve their problems using your product - just like American Airlines solves their passengers' problems by responding to their frantic tweets.

Define Your Brand

Let's face it: MedTech is not always the easiest industry to understand, or even explain to a consumer. Social media can help you humanize your product and define your message in the eyes of a prospective buyer. For example, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, one of the hottest trends in MedTech this year is electronic aspirin. Just trying to conceive such a thing is difficult, but social media could be used to break it down step-by-step: it's a nerve implanting device that can be implanted in the upper gum and transmit electricity to stimulate the nerves that cause headaches. Put that in a Facebook post and you're well on your way.

Focus On Your Goals

Social media makes it easy to target potential customers or audiences. Facebook has the data to help you target consumers that have interests which could lead them to purchase your product. Use social media to get your name in front of them, so when they're ready to make a purchase decision, they know your name. Social media can be the missing link between you and your company's sales goals.

Promote Relevant Content

Are doctors online complimenting your product through blog post? Did a web magazine rate your product highly? Is the media viewing your company as the next big thing in MedTech? Share that content via social media and establish yourself as the expert in the field. And even if you're not the expert, share the content of those who are and join in on a conversation that is relevant to your product.

Develop Trust

This starts with a well-written, regularly-updated blog about your industry. Get to writing in order to prove to your customers that you know what you're talking about. But in order to get people reading, you must have a social media presence. Promote your blog and your expertise in the field by syndicating posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Soon, they'll be going to you for answers.