5 Tips to Improve SEO On Your Website Today

People are constantly searching (Googling) for solutions to their problems, and links are thrown at them on every page. But many people don't have to go far to find what they need. In order to put your website at the top of a Google search, you have to pay attention to Search Engine Optimization. Here are a few tips on how to instantly improve SEO.

 1. First, check the copyright date in your footer - if it isn’t this year...Google knows.

It’s one of those little things the Google bot is checking off its list to be sure you’re legit (and still alive). Update it - now!

2. Keywords, metadata, and inbound links are all important to your SEO, and you should approach them seriously, thoroughly, and scientifically.

Another Go5 Tips to Improve SEO On Your Website Todayogle bot check-box. Metadata used to be the sacred domain of your “technology wizard” up in his server room. Use an SEO analysis tool like SEO Centro’s Meta Tag Analyzer. It looks like it was built by some of those website wizards who’ve seen the light. Use these reports to talk with your agency about improving SEO.

3. Update your terms, conditions, and privacy policy.

This is one of those pesky checklist items Google is checking to ensure your website is following the rules. Use a service to build terms & conditions applicable to your web presence.

One tool, iUbenda, links to your website. When you sign up, you tell the program what services you offer on your website and it builds a privacy policy for you. The iUbenda team is constantly researching the latest laws and policies across the world so when anyone reviews your terms and conditions, they see the latest legal details. Update it now.

4. Speed up your site.

5 Tips to Improve SEO On Your Website TodayYou’ve done this yourself: You follow the link to a website in the hopes of finding the answers to all your problems, only to have the site load slower than Christmas. Studies show most users abandon a site after three seconds of waiting. Use Pingdom, WebsiteTest.org or HubSpot’s Website Grader regularly to see how your site performs. These tools give you lists you can share with your agency so they know that you know what you're talking about.

5. Edit your website regularly.

Editing regularly is as simple as writing one new blog post each week. Build trust with your active leads. Nurture your existing customers to keep you at the top of their mind for upsells and referrals. You can do this through business blogging!

These are just a few tips to help improve your SEO right away. To learn more, download our eBook on building a lead generation machine below.

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